Craig Currie


Craig has focused his career on delivering superior service and competent technical support within a range of Australian and international companies. Some of his roles over the past ten years included technical Coordinator (PPS Australia), Project Manager (Proctor & Gamble International) and Advertising Manager (Fairfax Group). Over recent years he has continued to develop his technical support capabilities which now include building and enhancing administrative systems, graphic design, project management, IT and marketing.

Craig was fortunate to work in his early career with PPS Australia (Telstra Small Business of the Year 2001) as they not only sponsored his learning and study but empowered him to manage critical work projects. Some of these projects included building databases, developing client seminars and managing sales marketing material.

Working for large multinational companies (Proctor & Gamble and then the Fairfax Group) gave Craig not only insight into the operation of large service centred companies but it gave him the opportunity to develop further his capabilities within the areas of superior service and technical support.

Craig has now started his own consultancy firm and has been doing work within the property industry. His talent and business skills are a real asset to the NREA and he is keen to make a positive contribution over the forthcoming years. We look forward to Craig’s contribution.