Lane Cathcart

Vice President - Membership Services & Treasurer

Lane Cathcart’s involvement in the property industry has grown significantly over the past ten years.

Lane’s initial involvement in the industry was via being a young property investor but this soon changed as result of undertaking formal courses in both business and real estate.

He was so impressed with the training he received from the program that he decided to focus his efforts on developing a mentoring program for new entrants into the real estate sales profession.

As this mentoring developed he was continually inundated by requests for help from experienced agents who wanted to upgrade their qualifications so as to become ‘licensed agents’.

Lane is now the CEO of Linklearn Australia which is a company dedicated to developing real estate professionals via training and education.

In taking on this new role as Vice President of the NREA, Lane is keen to work tirelessly in developing the ‘professional status’ of all roles within the industry.

Lane played a significant role in developing the Association’s membership categories.

His team undertook a major research project into the many other professional bodies in Australia and he and his team are very proud of the categories developed.

Lane will be a key advocate for the young professionals who want to develop their professionalism.

Qualifications:  Dip Bus Dip Property Cert IV TAE